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HCW Roster

Tommy Nitro) 
                        Weight: 145lbs
                        Affilation: Good
                        Nickname: Nitro
                        Height:   6'5ft
                        Hometown: Oakland California
                        Finisher: TNT
The Sandman)
                          Weight: 136lbs
                          Affilation: Neutral
                          Nickname: Sandman                   
                          Height: 6'2ft
                          Hometown: Philladelphia
                          Finisher: Chokeslam
Kenji Redmen)
                           Weight: 269lbs
                           Nickname: Redmen
                           Affilation: Good
                           Height: 6'2ft
                           Hometown: Tokyo Japan
                           Finisher: Bonebreaker
Madd Dogg Vaughan)
                          Weight: 156lbs
                          Nickname: Madd Dogg
                          Affilation: Neutral
                          Height: 5'11ft
                          Hometown: Las Vegas Nevada
                          Finisher: Bulldogg Lock
The Punisher)
                          Weight: 212lbs
                          Nickname: None
                          Affilation: Bad
                          Height: 5'10ft
                          Hometown: Long Island New York
                          Finsher: Chokeslam
The Amazing Red "TAR")
                        Weight: 165lbs
                        Nickname: TAR
                        Affilation: Face
                        Height: 5'6ft
                        Hometown: San Diego, California
                        Finisher: Piledriver
The Anti-Superstar)
                       Weight: 200lbs
                       Nickname: Anti Superstar
                       Affilation: Neutral
                       Height: 5'8ft
                       Hometown: Anywhere Your Not
                       Finisher: The Anti-Bomb
                      Weight: 323lbs
                      Nickname: None
                      Affilation: Heel
                      Height: 6'7
                      Hometown: hell
                      Finisher: Piledriver from hell    
Rene Grusome)
                     Weight: 145lbs
                     Nickname: none
                     Affilation: neutral
                     Height: 6'4ft
                     Homeotown: Nevada
                     Finisher: Chicken wing
The Manach Mauler)
                    Weight: 185lbs
                    Nickname: None
                    Affilation : Heel
                    Height: 7'4ft
                    Hometown: Manahatan , New York
                    Finisher: Choke hold
Youth Mccall)
                   Weight: 145lbs
                   Nickname: None
                   Affilation: Neutral
                   Height: 6'0ft
                   Hometown: Brooklyn , New York
                   Finisher: Spear Tackle

If you want to join our main roster as an
agent (Wrestler Controller)