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The rulebook of the HCW

Is swearing allowed in roleplays??
Well i have to draw the line somewhere. I will allow swearing in mild forms.
Can wrestlers can injured in matches??
Yes, at the HCW we try and make it as real as possible. So yeah your wrestlers can get injured but there is probably only a 5% chance your wrestler will get injured in a normal match. If it is a cage match, hell in a cell etc the risk goes up to about 15%.
who runs this anyway??
The owner of the HCW is Eric Christopher.
So how do i get a match??
Every wrestler should automatically get a match every week at either "Hardcore Wednesday Night' , or Extreme. Depending on the quality of your roleplaying. If you have a high standard of roleplaying you will probably compete at, Extreme. If you are just average or below most likely at, Hardcore Wednesday Night.
Is there any HCW championship titles?
Currently we do have a few titles they are:
HCW World Heavyweight Championship
HCW World Tag Team Championship
HCW Hardcore Championship ( Can only be defended at "Hardcore Wednesday Night" and PPV's. )
HCW Extreme Championship ( Can only be defended at Extreme And PPV's. )
Can i learn how to roleplay before joining??
Yes i currently run a program for beginner roleplayers learning the art of e-wrestling. If you'd like to learn how to roleplay before you start competing you can join the:
"HCW House Of Hardcore "
By emailing and requesting entry in the "House Of Hardcore", Program.
Is there any fee's when joining the HCW??
No the HCW is absolutely free.
What do i do if i have any problems with others?
Depends on what there doing but just tell me and i'll try to sort it out.
Will i deafinately get my wrestlers name that i requested?
There is a good chance you will get it although same names might not be accepted for a number of reasons. Then i will email you back and say it was not accepted and you have to think of another one.
Can i request a special match?
Yes, all requests must go to before 12:00pm Sunday Night.
Can i copy wwe, ecw,  etc  wrestlers names?
NO. All wrestlers names must be original or they will not be accepted. Although you can take parts of there names  eg,
John "The Sandman" richter or Pete "Hitman" Hart etc.
How do you decide the winners and losers of a match?
Roleplaying , you write good , you go good  ,write bad or dont write at all , your wrestler will be dominated in the match
Is there anyway i can improve my chance of winning?
Yes. Your chance of winning can be muchly improved if you post promo's, interviews etc every week. These can be posted on the message board. To get to the message board click on Participate in the nav bar then click on the link to the message board. These promos and interviews you post will be incoporated into the show.
Can i complain about the results or outcome of a match?
Yes , providing you have a valid reason and you can back it up.
Can wrestlers get suspended or loose title shots because of there agents actions?
Yes. If you abuse somebody else or complain and can't back it up you will risk suspension.
Can i retire?
Yes at any time provided you have a good reason.
Can i get fired for not participating?
Yes. If you don't participate for a month without a valid reason you will be fired! No Arguements.
Can i score a job on the HCW Staff?
At HCW we are always trying to seek out talent to be apart of our growing and extensive staff. So yes you will be able to provided you have the right attitude and work ethic.
What will i need to do to one day be considered for the hall of fame?
Wrestlers who are considered for the Hall of fame need to have there own work ethic , roleplay style , character style , unique characteristics for there wrestler, and be in the HCW for at minimum of 3 years.
If you have any other questions reguarding the HCW please email and i'll be more then glad to answer them for you.

Follow our rules or leave!