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Exclusive Interviews

Interview with writer of Anti Superhero,
John Layfield

Interviewer:  Im here with the writer of the recent movie
"Anti Superhero", John thanks for letting me do this interview
Writer:  Yeah no problem
Interviewer:  Well the first question has to be, Are you surprised of the popularity of the movie?
Writer:  Yeah of course i mean when i first came up with the idea i had no idea it would even get picked up and made a movie
Interviewer:  Now with a name like Anti Superhero, wouldn't you think people will think he is a villan?
Writer:  Well when the name first came into my mind i thought it did actually sound more like a villans name but still the more i thought about it i just thought it was the perfect name to call my superhero.
Interviewer:  Was it hard making the actual film?
Writer:  Man it was probably the hardest project i've ever worked on. Usually i work with small Off-Broadway shows and jumping from that to a ninety minute movie was harder then i had ever dreamed.
Interviewer:  Do you think there will ever be a seqeul to the movie?
Writer:  You can never predict these things, I mean even if i decided to make one, i couldn't  just go into the filming studio and say i want to make a sequel its not as easy as that. The popularity of the first movie is what will get me a sequel.
Interviewer:  Well thanks for your time today John
Writer:  Anytime man.

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