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FAQ And Rules
FAQ And Rules
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Frequently Asked Questions and Rules and Regulations

How do i Join WOBA?
You can join WOBA by emailing and requesting to join. I will get back to you within 24 hours gauranteed. I will then send you some information about joining and a form to create your boxer.
How does the WOBA run?
WOBA is exactly like real professional boxing to the smallest detail. You can control what your boxer say's and does in press conferences before PPV events ( eg . you can start a fight with the other boxer at the press conference ) , you can choose what your boxer does in his match and does and says before his match , you can even choose and customise your boxers ring entrance.
Can my boxer be suspended for doing things such as fighting at press conferences like in professional boxing?
Depending on how serious you make the fight he can be suspended for up to 15-20 weeks and can be stripped of title belts and title match oppurtunites , so plan your fights and attacks carefully.

WOBA - The power is in your hands , use it wisely.