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Press Conferences

Barely Legal

( Eric Christopher is sitting down behind a long table with the rest of the memebers of the HCW Board of directors. The table as a HCW Banner hanging off the front of it and all the sponsors of the pay per view are written on a large black curtain behind him. The press conference commences )
Eric Christopher : Before we start i'd just like to thank all of our sponsors who are proudly supporting HCW's upcoming Pay Per View " Barely Legal ".  As special thanks to the , "Alpine Ice Arena" in Louisville Kentucky , The official arena of Barely Legal 2006!
Press: Any ideas for this years main event?
Eric Christopher: Many ideas , none for certain yet though. The card should be announced sometime within the next week on the HCW site.
Press: Why didn't you pick a more "well known" arena in New York such as Madison Square Garden for this years Barely Legal?
Eric Christopher: Well lets just say i came to somewhat of an agreement with the owners of the Alpine Ice Arena , Besides Madison Square Garden is way to much of a big arena , we are currently discussing holding January's Heavy Metal Mullisha there depending on the demand for tickets.
Press: Well you shouldn't have a problem with ticket selling with the big acts you've booked
Eric Christopher: (laughs) Yeah it should be a good one.
Press: Theres been alot of talk that you are currently considering merging with another well known wrestling company the WWA , is this true?
Eric Christopher: Thats only talk at the moment nothing official yet.
Press: Well thankyou for your time sir and we all sincerly look forward to Barely Legal.
Eric Christopher: Thankyou very much.

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